Sony UK Technology Centre’s ground-breaking ‘Go 4K Now!’ programme provides customers with the opportunity to acquire high quality broadcasting and filming equipment, refurbished to factory standards.

As part of the project, which is in collaboration with Sony Professional Solutions Europe (PSE), customers can trade in their used equipment to gain access to next generation 4K technology. To read more about the ‘Go 4K Now!” initiative and find out how you can trade in your existing kit, please visit

The second-hand equipment is then fully refurbished by Sony UK TEC’s professional Service and Repair Centre, where we also manufacture the latest broadcasting systems, and re-sold with a manufacturer’s warranty.

For those who may be interested in the refurbished products scheme, we take a look at some of the benefits the scheme has for you….

Budget-friendly Equipment

Getting into the broadcasting and filming industry can be daunting, especially when considering the price of brand-new equipment – cameras and accessories alike. Sony UK TEC’s refurbished scheme takes some of the pressure off by providing access to low-cost, high-quality broadcasting products you may not have had access to otherwise.

Through direct contact with current customers, we’re also able to look for the product that is right for you and your situation, while ensuring we remain within your budget where possible.

Whether you’re looking to start off in the industry or expand your existing portfolio, the scheme makes this possible at any level.

Replacements for Your Current Broadcast Kit

Not everyone is looking to purchase a brand-new system. We understand that some of you may simply be looking for accessories and cameras that are compatible with your existing kit, and we can help!

With contacts throughout Europe, our inventory is constantly growing. So, if you need to expand your current kit, we can ensure that when your product model becomes available, we can offer you first call to purchase.

Refurbished by the Sony team who made it

At our facility in Pencoed, we not only handle the refurbished units, or units in need of repair, but we are also the only manufacturing site outside of Japan to make Sony professional broadcasting equipment.

As such, we have expert knowledge regarding the manufacturing processes of these models, and so are able to ensure your product is refurbished to direct manufacturing specifications, following Sony manufacturing standards and procedures. This ensures the quality of the items you receive remains to a high standard.

Because our team has the experience and knowledge to ensure this standard of quality, we can provide a generous manufacturer’s warranty with each of your purchases.

It’s Environmentally Friendly

Our ‘Go 4K Now!’ scheme is certainly economical for your business, but this isn’t its only benefit. By trading in your equipment, you can ensure that it doesn’t go to waste. An exceptional amount of electronic equipment goes to landfills every day, rather than being properly recycled.

Instead of contributing to this waste, your broadcasting cameras and accessories can go on to help others within your community as well as developing industries to begin or expand their businesses.

We have a variety of refurbished broadcast equipment available – just take a look through our page and find what you need.

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Can’t find what you need?

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