HDCU-1000 - Sony Refubished - 430232

Age:8 years


The HDCU-1000 Camera Control Unit is connected to a Sony HD-series high-definition color video camera. It carries out signal processing and provides an interface for external equipment.
The HDCU-1000 features a down converter which converts HD1) signals to SD2) signals, and a return video up converter which converts SD signals to HD signals, making it usable with standard definition colour video cameras as well as HD-series high-definition colour video cameras.

Specifications & features
External reference signals

The HDCU1000 can be locked to an external
reference signal. Either an HD tri-level sync signal or an
SD sync (black burst) signal may be used as the reference

Built-in down converter

When the system is operating at a 59.94/50 Hz field
frequency, HD signals can be converted to SD component
SDI signals using the down converter. The output signal
aspect ratio may be set to 4:3 edge crop, 16:9 squeeze, or
letter box. The down converter has image enhancement,
gamma control, and matrix ON/OFF features, and can be
controlled externally.

Built-in simplified up converter

The HDCU1000/HDCU1500 has a simplified up
converter to allow monitoring of SD signal return video using an HD viewfinder. The aspect ratio of the return
video signal may be set to 4:3 edge crop, 16:9 squeeze, or letter box.

Optical digital transmission

The HDCU1000 may be connected to a
camera using an optical fiber cable (two single-mode
optical fiber lines, two power lines, two control lines) for
the transmission of digitized video, audio, and control
signals. By connecting together 250 meter (820 feet)
optical fiber cables, signals may be transmitted up to a
maximum of 3000 meters (9800 feet). The maximum length of the cable supplying power to the camera varies with the camera system configuration and with the type of optical fiber cable.

Safety-oriented power supply

The HDCU1000 is designed for safety. When the power is turned on, a low voltage is supplied at first.
Only after it has been verified that an appropriated camera is attached, the normal 240 V AC power supply is activated. The power is not supplied unless a camera is connected via an
optoelectric cable.
Also, the HDCU1000 is equipped with an alarm indicator to warn of open or short circuits in the

Wide range of audio functions

The HDCU1000 has connectors for two channel
microphone outputs, a digital audio output, and a program audio input. Further,
the HDCU1000 can use an intercom system
with two independent channels, and supports four-wire and RTS/Clear-Com intercom systems.

Remote control

The levels and phases of HDCU1000 output
signals can be controlled remotely by an MSU-900 series
Master Setup Unit.

Microphone volume control

The camera’s microphone volume can be controlled via
the MIC REMOTE connector.