HDCU-1500 (600082) - Sony Refurbished - Sony UK Technology Centre

Age:7 years


The HDCU-1500 is a compact 3U half rack control unit designed for use with the HDC-1500 series cameras. The HDCU-1500 is equipped with a range of built-in interfaces such as HDSDI/SD SDI outputs, HD/SD return inputs, and a down-converted analogue composite monitor output.

Both HDC-1500 portable camera and the HDC-1000 full size camera can be used with this camera control unit.

Specifications & features
Comprehensive range of output signals

Three outputs are provided as standard, which can be configured as HD SDI, SD SDI outputs. A built in downconvertor provides the SD outputs, and also one analogue composite output.
In addition, two option boards slots are available which can be used to provide up to 8 additional HD or SD SDI outputs.

Compact installation ideal for OB vans

The HDCU-1500 is a compact 3U half-rack unit, for a compact system solution.

Compatible with HDC-1500 and HDC-950 series cameras

As well as the HDC-1000 and HDC-1500 cameras, the HDCU-1500 can also be used with the previous generation of Sony HD portable cameras, the HDC-950.
Note that when used with HDC-1000 or HDC-1500 + HDLA-1500, utility power is NOT available.

Built-in down-convertor for full quality SD outputs

A high quality downconvertor provides SD SDI and analogue composite outputs. The downconverted outputs can have their aspect ratio set to 4:3, or alternative modes such as letterbox or 15:9.

Compatible with HDLA-1500 large lens adaptor Up to 1800 metre operation (even with LLA and large viewfinder)

The digital optical fibre transmission system used in the unit maintains the high picture quality of the camera across cable runs of up to 1800 meters.

Expandable Outputs

2 Expansion slots are available for additional output interface cards (common to HDCU-1000), if additional outputs or signal formats are required.

TCP-IP control interface

In addition to standard 700 series control I/F, the HDCU-1500 includes an Ethernet interface, offering alternative control system architecture.

Enhanced range of output signals

The HDCU-1500 provides 3 SDI outputs, assignable as either HD or SD. A high performance downconvertor is included, to deliver the SD signals, and aspect ratio conversion can be carried out if required. Character display and other system information can be superimposed on one of the outputs for monitoring purposes. A downconverted VBS (composite analogue) output is also available for picture monitoring.