HKCU-FP2 - Sony Refurbished

Age:1 year
Only for sale in US & Canada


Provides direct access for basic camera control functions via the CCU.

The HKCU-FP2 is an optional control panel that attaches to the front of HSCU-300R/RF or HXCU-TX70 Camera Control Unit (CCU). It provides direct access for controlling white and black balance, iris and master black, shutter and master gain. It includes function assignable buttons and a potentiometer.

Specifications & features
Basic camera control from the CCU front panel

The HKCU-FP2 is a very compact solution for camera control, offering space saving for small control rooms and OB vans.

Direct access to main camera adjustments

The HKCU-FP2 is a cost effective solution for camera control compared to traditional RCP-type controllers.