HDC-1500 (400666) - Sony Refurbished

Age:13 years

Flight Cases (Preowned)

The HDC-1500-series cameras are 2-3-type high-definition portable video cameras equipped with CCF for 2,200,000 pixels. They incorporate the latest pickup elements and digital signal-processing LSI to yield higher picture quality and higher stability in image creation while maintaining conventional popular functions and operability.

Specifications & features
High picture quality and high performance

The new 2/3-type Progressive IT CCD for 2,200,000 pixels conforms to driving formats up to 1080/59.94P, achieving high sensitivity and low smear. In addition, the 14-bit A/D converter and a unique signal-processing LSI provide picture quality of optimal grade.

Newly designed integrated unit with low center of gravity

The basic design has been reworked. The stylish appearance with low-slung design improves operability as a portable camera and, when used in combination with the HDLA1500-series Large Lens Adaptor, it permits the viewfinder to be mounted at a low position, making the viewfinder position closer to the optical axis of the lens for highly efficient operations.

Multiple formats

The HDC1500 covers ten video formats, HDC1550 covers eight video formats, and HDC1400 and HDC1450 covers two video formats. With the HDC1500, signal output of 1080/50P and 59.94P from the camera head is also possible via the Dual Link interface.

Swing handle

The swinging structure of the handle enables the large viewfinder mounted on the HDLA1500-series Large Lens Adaptor to be shifted forward, giving it the same total longitudinal size as a standard studio-use camera, for operability equivalent to that of a standard studio-use camera. HDC1450 CE/E33 UC model models European SY type type Fiber Triax 1080/50i, 1080/59.94i, 720/50P 720/59.94P T T T T No CE model European type 1080/50i, 720/50P

Position-adjustable shoulder pad

The position of the shoulder pad can be adjusted for stable shooting according to the build of the camera operator, the type of lens in use, or the shooting style. A low-repulsion shoulder pad (position fixed) is avaliable as an option (Part No.: A-8286-346-A).

Function-assignable switches

The camera has a switch to which various functions can be assigned on the side panel. You can activate your desired function, such as electronic color-temperature conversion, instantly when shooting by assigning it to the switch in advance. Switches on the handle are also available as function assignable switches.