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Compact, lightweight “POV” camera with lower power consumption, plus optical fibre connections.

The HXC-P70 is a point-of-view “POV” camera developed for a wide range of more affordable applications than the HDC-P1, thanks to a longer cable distance extension and a higher sensitivity, in addition to its compact size, light weight and lower power consumption.

The HXC-P70 allows direct connection to the HXCU-FB70 camera control unit by optical fibre cable, in addition to two HD/SD-SDI outputs. The hybrid type fibre cable can extend the distance from the CCU up to 500 m, while supplying the required power. If a single-mode fibre cable is connected, the distance can extend up to 10 km with a local power supply.

The HXC-P70 adopts the same three 2.2-million pixels 2/3-inch type CMOS sensors as used on Sony high end camera such as the HXC-D70 and delivers high sensitivity of F12 at 59.94Hz or F13 at 50Hz. In addition, the camera uses an electrical CC filter alongside a servo motorized optical ND filter. These help to reduce the power consumption and make for an affordable total system with the CCU, cables, and remote controller. The camera is ideal for a wide variety of applications, from production studio and event hall/stadium work, to wider applications such as surveillance, conference and house of worship installations.

Specifications & features
Superb three 2/3-inch-type CMOS sensors

Keeping the same compact and lightweight body as the HDC-P1, the HXC-P70 achieves a cost reduction while providing the high picture quality equivalent to the reputable HXC-D70 HD/SD system camera by using the same image sensor. It achieves high sensitivity of F12 (at 1080/59.94i) or F13 (at 1080/50i) while keeping low noise ratio.

Integrated ND filter / Electrical CC filter, and TLCS

The HXC-P70 is equipped with a Neutral Density (ND) optical servo filter unit and electrical Colour Correction (CC) filter. The electrical CC filter can be controlled from the remote control panel, which allows you to assign with four different colour temperatures. In addition to the filter functions, thanks to the TLCS (Total Level Control System) function, gain/iris/shutter is automatically controlled by the ambient brightness, making it very efficient for nature shooting or surveillance use from morning to night.

Expandable operability with HXCU-FB70

Connecting the HXC-P70 with the HXCU-FB70 optical fibre camera control unit (CCU) enables precise remote control in picture adjustment and colour matching of cameras, while also monitoring the SDI output signal.

Long-distance transmission up to 10 km

The hybrid type optical fibre cable can extend the distance from the HXCU-FB70 camera control unit up to 500 m while supplying the required power. In the case of connection with a single-mode fibre cable (SMF), it can extend up to 10 km, if you are using a local power supply. Using the SMF already laid as infrastructure in many facilities enables you to install the camera system quickly and easily.

Beneficial digital extender by 2x or 4x

The digital extender function expands the size of the image by a factor of two or four times in the centre of the image sensor’s captured image. This function works without a decrease in sensitivity, such as an F-number drop, which typically occurs when using conventional optical extender functions.

High sensitivity and low noise

Incorporates high quality three 2/3-inch Exmor CMOS sensors, plus integrated motorised ND Filter and electrical CC filter.

Optical fibre transmission with direct cable connection

Up to 500m by the hybrid type optical fibre cable with power supply and up to 10km by the single-mode fibre cable with local power supply.

HXCU-FB70 Camera Control Unit

Connects to the HXCU-FB70 for precise remote control.

Low power consumption

Power saving design provides low power consumption of 17W.
This product contains pre-installed software and requires the purchase of licence keys to activate some functions.